Monday, April 20, 2015

The Song of the Revolution

This is a poem which I wrote whilst observing my peers engulfed in the political upheaval which resulted from eight long years under the Bush administration, and which directly lead to the election of President Barack Obama.

One by one the children came
   through passages dark and dim.
They marched so proudly, tall and brave;
    no quiver seen on beardless chin.

They marched with purpose, resolute
   through darkened corridors.
And pushed past vet'rans twice their age
   who dared to block their course

They marched to ancient chambers, dank,
   where fork-tongued serpents reigned
And by the torch of righteousness,
   the wicked snakes were slain

These boys of nigh on seventeen
   bore swords of full-grown men
And slaughtered all who tried to keep
   their freedom from them, then.

These boys of youth, with heart of steel
   wrought down a righteous blade,
Because their hearts compelled them to,
   that a better world be made.

The serpents, now, are long since dead
   their old thrones crumbled down.
And our young boys, now wizened men
   with forked tongue and gilded crown.

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