Saturday, December 26, 2015


Your words, they cut me like a jagged blade
And tear the cords that, long, have bound my heart
The truth of them has, now, my conscience swayed
And forced me, thus, to pull myself apart

I've closely measured every step misplaced
And found my path a horrid, coiling sight
For each dilemma that I've stood and faced
I've chosen wrong, ignoring what was right

In time of need, I have forsaken you
And focused only on my selfish will
I've long ignored the tasks I'm meant to do
So that, my fleeting whims, I may fulfill

But, as I rose to greet the dawn today
And, seeing now the Truth you spoke to me,
I vowed to let me not give in to play
But, steadfast, to my obligations see

For you have born the mantle I cannot
And, in so, you have come to earn our keep
But then I did not recognize my lot
And left you with more work in stead of sleep

Too long I've taken comfort in our bond
And often told, but rarely showed, I care
Clutching tight to memories, fair and fond,
I took for granted that you're always there

I beg that you forgive me of my past
And have the grace to let me prove my worth;
For, if it means our love might thrive and last,
Then I will move the Heavens and the Earth.

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